There are many health and relaxation benefits in using our Sauna’s, Steam rooms, Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi but only when used properly. They are all heat treatments and can cause overheating and related complications if they are not treated with respect.

Always check with a doctor before using any facilities if you are pregnant, have low or high blood pressure, in poor health or under medical supervision.

Be aware that there are many factors that could affect your ability to handle heat from one day to the next. Never use the spa if you have not eaten or have eaten too much recently or if you feel dehydrated before use. Never consume alcohol before using facilities, be extra careful if you are using the spa with a hangover as this is a form of dehydration.

Although there are staff walking around the building there is no lifeguard on duty in the wet area. You therefore use the facilities at your own risk.

Always shower before using any of the Pools, Sauna and Steam Room.

Remember to cool down between facilities not only is this safer for you but the change from hot to cold strengthens your immune system and is therefore more beneficial to your health.

Never push yourself to the limits. There are no prizes for being able to stay in the heat the longest. Listen to your body.

Monitor yourself and if you feel dizzy or unwell remove yourself from the heat and either cool down by showering or moving into a cool area to sit down. Call for staff or ask for help if you feel unwell.

Throughout your stay keep yourself hydrated by either purchasing drinks from our refreshment counter or by consuming the free tap water which is available at all times from the main lounge area.

Stand up slowly when exiting any facility to allow yourself time to stabilize and avoid dizziness.

Be aware of your jewellery in the sauna as this will heat up and could cause a burn.

Thank you.