Q “I’m shy can I wear my swimming costume for my first visit?”

Q “I’ve got so much to do can I bring in my lap top, mobile phone and paperwork?”

Q “What should I bring with me?”

Q “What if I get “over excited”?”

Q “Can I drink alcohol at BGHS?”

Q “Are your staff dressed?”

Q “Can I “cuddle” my partner in your spa?”

Q “Can I bring an extra man/woman in on the Sat and Sun mixed-gender joint entry evening?”

Q “I’m gay, can I come in on the Sat and Sun mixed-gender joint entry evening?”

Q "I've got a medical problem, will the facilities affect me?"

Q "I’m physically disabled, am I catered for?"



Q "Will I be covered when I have a massage?"

Q "Are the masseuses naked?"

Q "What is a full body massage?"

Q "What style of massage do you do?"

Q "Can my partner/friend be in the room with me?"

Q "What oils do you use?"

Q "What happens if I get excited on the massage couch?"

Q "What should I do during a massage?"

Q "What happens if I fall asleep?"

Q "How long is a session?"

Q "How much does it cost?"

Q "How should I prepare for a massage?"

Q "Before you book."

Q "What should I do after a massage."

Q "I'm feeling a bit tender the day after the massage, should I be concerned?"


I’m shy can I wear my swimming costume for my first visit?”

No, everyone is in an equal position at BGHS. If you come in dressed it will make others feel uncomfortable. It is unhealthy to your body and our facilities for you to be clothed, it harbours bacteria and dirt against the skin, and you are asking the blood supply to increase and yet restricting it with elastic, like a mild tourniquet.



“I’ve got so much to do can I bring in my lap top, mobile phone and paperwork?”

BGHS is a place to escape the outside world. You cannot bring in your mobile phone or any electrical device. It is invasive to others privacy and relaxation.



“What should I bring with me?”

You are only allowed to take into the facilities a small wash bag with your shampoos etc. We provide all that you need in the way of towels, there are no costumes to remember! 



“What if I get “over excited”?”

This is a genuine concern for some people. When you enter BGHS you will see that people are characters and real. It is a very short time before you have forgotten you are naked! In the event of there being an indiscretion, do all you can to rid yourself of it (a cold shower perhaps or change of thought pattern), as in the wrong atmosphere this can offend.



“Can I drink alcohol at BGHS?”

No. Alcohol and saunas do not mix; alcohol de hydrates the brain and when combined with heat, can cause you to be quite unwell. We do not let people in that we believe are under the influence of alcohol or drugs for their own sake. It would also change the atmosphere of BGHS to one we do not seek.



“Are your staff dressed?”

Yes. We are a professional establishment and deal with food, machinery and maintenance. We are not here to titillate and we think you will appreciate that!



“Can I “cuddle” my partner in your spa?”

Yes you may as long as “cuddling” in our facilities does not mean wrapping your legs around someone! We want you to feel respected as adults and find yourself a place to be romantic with your loved one. But we do not allow any blatant sexuality within our open facilities. We believe in choice, giving people the freedom to talk over important issues with their partner, chill out, or just be without the kids for an evening. We have provided warm, comfortable private rest rooms; please enjoy them if you wish to be more adult without the risk of offending people.



“Can I bring an extra man/woman in on the Sat and Sun mixed-gender joint entry evening??”

No. It is an equal biological gender evening, designed to guarantee in a naturist environment an equal biological gender balance. Any imbalance would change the atmosphere in the building during these evenings. At all other times of the week and weekend daytimes there are no restrictions on combinations who can use the joint entrance discount and sessions. During the 4.5hr sessions on Saturday and Sunday evenings we will ask anyone to leave if they act too independently of each other. You cannot bring someone in just to gain entry and then act as if you arrived alone. Many people enjoy the atmosphere of biologically not feeling like the minority and once they find their feet and feel comfortable with us and naturism we find they are more likely to visit independently during the week, when the mix might not be so balanced, with the familiarity and security of these evenings being naked in front of other genders is not as daunting an experience.




“I’m gay, can I come in on the Sat and Sun mixed-gender joint entry evening??”

Of course. We do not discriminate in any way from anyone regarding their sexual persuasion. We only request that we have a balanced ratio of biological genders represented in the building on these two sessions. We ask that all entrances are representing jointly so we can easily guarantee no one becomes the minority gender. We use the word couple to mean 2 and not in anyway are we asking or suggesting it needs to be a sexual relationship. We do not ask and we do not need to know someone’s sexual orientation or identity.



"I've got a medical problem, will the facilities affect me?"

We suggest you seek medical advice before using BGHS. Please make the management aware of any condition you have and where any medication is kept whilst attending BGHS.



"I’m physically disabled, am I catered for?"

We are a grade two listed building with a twisting staircase, we cannot allow people to use BGHS that would struggle or need assistance to leave the building quickly in the event of an emergency. Nor are people allowed via the insurance of the building to bring in walking sticks and equivalent items that might be deemed a tripping hazard.  Please call the management about your specific case.




"Will I be covered when I have a massage?"

Yes. You will be draped in a clean sheet or towel. This will help maintain the warmth in your muscles generated by the massage and give you a more relaxed feeling of comfort. Only the areas being worked on will be exposed.



"Are the masseuses naked?"

No. They are fully qualified holistic massage therapists and will be clothed at all times.



"What is a full body massage?"

A full-body massage is just a way of saying that the therapist will massage your whole body during a therapeutic massage. This includes your back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands (and chests for men).

It is not a discreet way of saying there will be some kind of sexual contact or "happy ending." This is not the case here at BGHS and anyone who asks or attempts to get a “happy ending” will be asked to not only leave the massage room but the building. They will not be given a refund or ever allowed to have a massage again at BGHS.



"What style of massage do you do?"

Massage is an art form and like other artists the ones that exceed in their chosen field are the ones that never stop learning and growing and combining their knowledge and skills to keep improving.

We have chosen all our massage therapists here at BGHS personally because of their intuitive holistic approach to the human body. They can draw on a selection of different techniques in order to adapt to the individual client’s needs. They do however have one goal in mind, to bring the body's systems back into balance.

For details of each individual massage therapist’s style of massage please contact our reception or if you are visiting take a look at our BGHS Bible which will contain details of each person’s style and training.

To give you an idea of the types of massage our therapists combine please see the list below:

Sports injury
Deep tissue
Indian head massage



"Can my partner/friend be in the room with me?"

No. We believe that in order for you to achieve total relaxation and make the most of your massage we need to be 100% focused on you. The room has been designed to hold one person and one massage therapist.



"What oils do you use?"

Our massage therapists use their own preference of oil so please contact reception if it is important for you to know before booking. The most popular base oils are grape-seed. Therapists may choose to use a blended oil that they feel is best suited to your needs.



"What happens if I get excited on the massage couch?"

This is a common fear of men before they have their first professional massage. Firstly remember this is a non sexual massage it is always good to get your mind in the right direction before you enter the room. Secondly, You will be covered in a towel or a sheet and will not be exposed or massaged in your groin area. Thirdly, it is unlikely to happen if you take into account points one and two however, we know it does occasionally happen to some people but rest assured our massage therapists will have seen this before and will easily know the difference between someone who’s body has had a parasympathetic reaction to massage and someone who is trying their luck and hoping to get a happy ending. If it does happen then it is more about what you don’t do than what you do. DO NOT make ooh and aah noises and grind your hips into the table thinking they'll take pity on you and get you off. DO NOT try to expose yourself thinking that they will take pity on you or that the mere sight of your genitals will make them unable to resist. It wont happen. Just relax and ignore it and it will go away.



"What should I do during a massage?"

Make yourself comfortable. Many people just close their eyes and relax completely during the session; others prefer to talk. It's your massage, and whatever feels natural for you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. If they need to adjust your position, they will either move you (for instance lift your arm) or they will tell you what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable.



"What happens if I fall asleep?"

It is not uncommon for many clients to fall asleep on the table during a massage. The warmth and release of tension relaxes them right to sleep - especially after a long day at work. Don’t worry the massage therapist won’t see this as a sign to leave the room and will carry on giving your body the relaxing treatment it deserves.



"How long is a session?"

An hour is the most popular length of time. This gives time for a deeply relaxing full body massage, or more in-depth work on a particular area. A half-hour can be an excellent introduction to massage, with plenty of time for a specific area such as back, neck, and shoulders. An hour and a half is usually enough time to address the whole body and fully indulge in the relaxation and regeneration massage can bring.



"How much does it cost?"

Click This link for our up to date prices.



"How should I prepare for a massage?"

You must be in the building at least half an hour before the start of your massage. This will give you a chance to spend a little time in one of our hot facilities especially the hot tubs prior to a massage which will encourage your muscles to start the process of relaxing and unwinding. Always take a warm shower before the start of your massage. We recommend not eating a large meal for at least an hour before the start time. If you are very hungry a small snack would normally be ok. Make sure you hydrate yourself but do not drink too much for obvious reasons.



Before you book.

Before you book please make sure you have read our guidance on whether massage is suitable for you. You must seek medical advice if you have any of the conditions listed in the contradictions or you are unsure of your medical history or any medication you may be on.



"What should I do after a massage."

Rehydrate yourself and take it easy. Your body has worked hard even if you don’t realise it. Toxins will have been released from your muscles and your body is busily getting rid of them. Your lymphatic system will be flushing them out and to give it a helping hand you need to drink water. For best results from your massage avoid alcohol for the rest of the day and don’t do any extremely physical exercise.



"I'm feeling a bit tender the day after the massage, should I be concerned?"

The day after your massage it is possible that you may feel a little tender in areas where you had tightly held tension which the masseuse worked deeply into. This is a perfectly normal reaction and nothing at all to worry about. Any feeling of soreness will pass soon. The overall result of releasing the residual tension and the wonderful relief that brings should make up for any mild discomfort.