Hot Tubs

We have three tubs at BGHS. Two are for up to two people to share they are filled with around 107cm of water and kept to a temperature of 40`c. Average sized people when seated in these tubs are immersed to their neck in swirling therapeutic water. This is a great way to immediately warm the entire muscular structure of your body and start relaxing.

Our third hot tub holds nine people comfortably. It is filled with around 107cm of water that is kept at a temperature of between 39`c and 40`c. In this hot tub an average sized person is immersed to their chest in swirling therapeutic water. Because this hot tub is one degree cooler than the two seated hot tubs it can be used to spend more time in. This allows people to converse and be more sociable as one degree at these temperatures makes a vast difference.



Our pool at BGHS is 480cms long by 340cms wide. It is surrounded by Doric columns and mirrors all illuminated by an underwater light. It has a powerful swim jet streaming down the length. It is approximately 135cm deep and averages at a temperature of 25`c. It is perfect for those who wish to exercise as you can swim on the spot into the powerful swim jet.  However, most people use the pool to cool themselves down from using our other facilities. It is a great location to stand around in and chat, as they did in Roman times.

Alternatively sit on the edge of the pool in an ambient air temperature of 30`c and watch the ripples on the water as you enter an almost meditative state. At that point you truly have left the outside world outside.




Our Jacuzzi comfortably seats 9 people. It is filled with approximately 80cm of water and is kept to a temperature between 38`c and 39`c. It has 8 jets that are connected to not only a powerful air blower but also to a separate massage jet circuit. An average sized person when seated in this Jacuzzi is immersed to their chest in not only swirling therapeutic water but is also pummelled with invigorating air jets.

Our air jets are so invigorating we have them on a timer system so you can fully enjoy the power of our system without the worry of over doing it.

When the air jets turn off the water massage jets continue. This provides you with another temperature of hot tub and a wonderful contrast to the bodies senses from torrents of white water to a smooth swirling massage.

Jacuzzis are well reputed in medical circles to help with muscular aches and pains. The vibration of air and water on tense muscles confuses the brain into releasing muscular spasms. Even if you have not got aches and pains customer testimony is that our Jacuzzi is a wonderful way to relax.

The Jacuzzi at BGHS is constructed to our own design. It is fully tiled throughout.  Hygiene is paramount to all of our facilities designs and is our company's ethos. The water within our Jacuzzi is brominated not chlorinated. All the water passes through two sieve like sumps, a basket filter and a sand filter. This is one of the advantages of a commissioned Jacuzzi as it is not standard practice for these facilities to have such an intense filtration system. We have an extensive cleaning regime and various testing processes, which occur a minimum of three times a day, to ensure the quality of our water. We are also tested by an independent water quality company to confirm our stringent water maintenance program is effective.



At BGHS we have two saunas.

The first of our saunas is situated by our pool and has a window that overlooks the water. It has two tiers and is fully pine clad. It seats 20 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 65`c mid air. The higher tier reaches temperatures of 70`c or you can relax at a less intense heat on the lower tier of 60`c. Because we provide you with an option of the steam rooms wet heat, we keep the saunas air dry. That is why we do not provide water for you to sprinkle on the coals.

The main purpose of placing water on the coals is to momentarily change the humidity of the air and therefore the sensation of heat. We do periodically sprinkle the coals with essential oils that are premixed with water as the tradition of eucalyptus in a sauna we believe should not be broken.

The second of our saunas is also two tiers and fully pine clad. It seats 30 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 60`c mid air. The higher tier reaches temperatures of 65`c or the lower tier is at a comfortable 55`c.

You have the choice between the two saunas and their varying temperatures to have either a short burst of intense heat or to lay back and relax over a longer period of time in an atmosphere that allows you to be more conversational.

The heat of our saunas promotes you to sweat and therefore it is a great way to detoxify your body. However this process is not complete until you have cleansed yourself in one of our Aqualisa showers and then replenished yourself with fluids.

At BGHS our saunas are regularly cleaned and maintained.

For hygienic reasons we ask you to sit on your towel in both our saunas.



Steam rooms.

We have two steamrooms. The first is built over three tiers; the top tier is wide enough to lie down for a fully enjoyable experience.

It holds 30 people and is set at a temperature of 43`c.  As you enter the steam room you will see a cold shower has been built into the wall. You can cool and refresh without removing yourself from the warmth and humidity of the steam room, extending the amount of time you can enjoy this facility.

Our second steam room is built over two tiers, the top tier is again built wide enough to lie down upon. It holds 15 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 43`c. It is slightly smaller in size than our first steam room. This is intentional as it allows us to give you another alternative experience when steaming. You will find that this steam room will maintain its intensity of steam at its set temperature for a longer period of time. Leave your towel on the rail provided and enter the steam room. Steam rooms are a great therapy for your air ways. The common cold bacterium breeds on dry membrane so steaming promotes an internal cleanliness.

It has also been observed that the wet heat is often found to promote easier sweating and therefore is ideal for deep pore cleansing. Your skin will radiate a new glow of healthiness if you steam and then exfoliate. We have again constructed these steam rooms to our own design. They are solidly constructed in brick specifically so the actual physical steam room walls and seating hold the temperature of the room enhancing your experience. The steam rooms are fully tiled and built with a rake to the seats, so they do not pool with water, in fact they do the opposite and continually self clean with the condensed steam.

The steam rooms at BGHS are cleaned thoroughly morning and night and throughout the day you will find us checking them, maintaining that cleanliness, and regularly spritzing them with essential oils.


Rest Rooms

The rest room area almost fills the entire first floor of BGHS. There is a half glazed door, with a sign, that leads you into an area containing eight different style and shape rooms. The area as a whole is warm and dry with ambient chill out music playing throughout.  Seven of the rest rooms have doors with locks on to give that feeling of privacy. The other rest room is a much larger area that has no door and therefore cannot be locked. They are designed with comfort and the choice of sociability or privacy in mind.

The staff of BGHS do not enter this area. It is designed to give you one area away from us! However the management will uphold the rules of BGHS and the standards.  In the event of anyone trying to do something that is socially unacceptable i.e. invading some one’s personal space or dangerous to others i.e. trying to smoke in this area, the management will enter and remove that person/s from the building.  We believe in treating people like responsible adults and removing those who have not grown up yet.  Enforcing this principle over thirty years we have found ourselves filled with like minded people.

Please read a copy of our Rest Room Etiquette HERE



At BGHS we have three lounges.

Our main lounge is the refreshment lounge. This area is filled with sumptuous leather sofas and atmospheric lighting. It is ideal for relaxing in, whether you want to make the most of our reasonably priced sandwiches, salads, snacks and drinks or just socialize, there are magazines to read conversations to have and jokes to tell, it is a great place to put the world to right.

Along the width of the room runs a raised balustrade section filled with mosaic bistro style tables and chairs. The area is flooded with natural light from our individually designed glass lantern roof. Here you can eat and drink.  The refreshment lounge is the hub of your stay at BGHS.

Our second lounge is across the corridor to the main lounge. Luxuriously decorated in dark oak paneling, tasteful fantasy art and sumptuous leather sofas, all lit with subdued lighting. You may eat and drink here and all in front of our large widescreen TV.

Our third lounge is located on the first floor of BGHS it is our library area. There are more sumptuous leather sofas, shelves of books to choose from, playing cards or backgammon to play with. The whole area is filled with ambient chill out music.



This area in BGHS is the haven in the sanctuary.

Roman columns on the walls in filled with limestone tiles, a sky scene ceiling and a comfortable massage couch waits for you here.

Meditational music and the warmth of a summers day envelopes you as you are massaged by one of our fully qualified therapists.

We have masseuses available seven days a week. Each one has a different massage style, their qualifications range from Aromatherapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Sports Injury to name but a few. We then ask them to combine their specialist expertise within a Swedish style massage.

Our aim is to relax you from your aches and pains of digging the garden, sitting at the computer or the mental stress of the pace of life.  We do not do clinical massage as we cannot keep notes on each client. However we do ask of you to inform the masseuse of any injury or medical problem you have that you feel is relevant to your well being during a massage.

You can book a massage in advance by calling our reception on 01273 698904 during opening times. Alternatively you can book when you arrive, at the front desk or at anytime during your visit depending on availability. Please be aware appointments are limited and can get booked up quickly so if a massage is an important part of your visit, we do suggest booking in advance. Please also turn up at least half an hour before the start of your treatment to not only guarantee the reservation but to allow yourself time to shower and relax first to get the most out of your massage.

Before your first massage with us you will be required to read the following notice by clicking HERE

Please also take a look at our Massage FAQ for further details by clicking HERE


Sun Deck

At BGHS our roof area enjoys a southerly aspect so we have built two areas to enjoy, both of which are ideal suntraps.

The first of those areas is our Solarium. It has a double glazed Perspex roof that allows you to enjoy all the available rays of sun light all year round. The ambient air temperature is kept at a minimum 25`c no matter what the weather. Not only are you warm, you are also surrounded in plants and listening to soothing ambient chill out music.

This is an ideal place for peace and relaxation all year round. Even when it rains there is the comforting pitter patter of raindrops on the roof.  On an unsettled summers day you can enjoy the sun while it lasts and if it clouds over all our other facilities are waiting for you. In the winter there is no need to suffer from any seasonal adjustment problems with all that light flooding in available to you.

Alternatively, when the sun does come out, or on a warm evening, you can relax on our open air sun deck




At BGHS we have three showering areas.

We have two large fully tiled shower areas each containing thermostatically controlled powerful Aqualisa showers. Each area has a liquid soap dispenser, conveniently placed towel rails and areas to put your own toiletries.

Whether you are scrubbing or pampering yourself in preparation for your night out when you leave BGHS, these showering areas are spacious, powerful and will leave you ready to face the rest of the day.

Our third showering area is for a completely different purpose, BGHS offers a fully tiled freezing cold dump shower that maintains an average temperature of 10`c . You stand in the fully tiled shower area and press the button, freezing cold water cascades through the large shower rose over you. This is an invigorating way of cooling down quickly, increasing your circulation and strengthening your system. Not for the faint hearted though, if used properly and with care it can leave you tingling and feeling alive!.


Changing room

The first area you come to as you enter BGHS is our changing room. It is here you leave the outside world outside.

If it is your first time with us please let the receptionist know and we will guide you through the procedures and give you a guided tour of the facilities. Simply place your clothes in the locker that corresponds with the key number you have been given.

As you step down from the changing room you enter the hair drying area, where it is warm and dry. There is a well lit vanity area surrounded in large mirrors with power points for you to plug in your own styling equipment. Alternatively you can use the hairdryers we have provided for free.

All you need to bring with you beyond the changing room is your small toiletry bag and your locker key.

Your locker key will be your tab number while you are in, so please do not bring any money beyond the changing room.  You will give the key back to us as you pass through the main lounge, we will hold it for you in safe keeping. You can request your key at any time, you will be asked your name and number, and we will then confirm this information with our entry sheet. We have procedures in place to try to make the changing room area is as secure as possible. However please do not bring valuables into BGHS as they will be left at your own risk.